Samuel Gracida

Music. Connection. Healing.

I am a music therapist, multi-instrumentalist, business owner and consultant with work experience in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA. As music therapist in Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany and Chair of Communications in the Executive Committee of the International Association for Music and Medicine, I am committed to supporting the use of music therapy and music and medicine globally to promote harmony and healing to all those who need it.

Who am I?

As a dedicated music therapist, I am passionate about using the power of music to promote healing and well-being. With experience in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA, I have had the privilege of working with diverse populations and witnessing the transformative effects of music therapy firsthand. 

Currently based in Heidelberg, Germany, I serve as a music therapist in two locations, providing individualized therapeutic interventions to support individuals in their journey towards emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being. Through the integration of music and therapeutic techniques, I strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their emotions, express themselves, and find comfort and growth.

Beyond my role as a music therapist, I am a multi-instrumentalist who finds joy and inspiration in creating and performing music. With a deep love for various musical genres and cultures, I embrace the richness and diversity of music from around the world. 

Whether I’m strumming the strings of a guitar, playing the soothing melodies of a flute, or experimenting with rhythmic beats on percussion instruments, I am constantly seeking new avenues of musical expression. Through my own musical journey, I aim to connect with others, evoke emotions, and ignite a sense of joy and harmony in the hearts of listeners.

As a writer and speaker, I strive to share my knowledge and experiences in the field of music therapy and music and medicine. With a seat on the Executive Committee of the International Association for Music and Medicine as the Chair of Communications, I am dedicated to advocating for the integration of music in healthcare settings worldwide. 

Through my writings, I explore the transformative power of music, discuss research findings, and provide insights into the practice of music therapy. Additionally, I enjoy sharing my expertise as a speaker at conferences, workshops, and seminars, engaging with audiences and inspiring others to harness the therapeutic potential of music.

In today’s interconnected world, I recognize the importance of leveraging digital platforms to amplify the message of music therapy and reach a broader audience. With my expertise in digital communications, I harness the power of technology and social media to connect with individuals, organizations, and communities around the globe. 

Through strategic online initiatives, I aim to raise awareness about the benefits of music therapy, promote harmonious collaboration among professionals, and empower individuals to incorporate music into their lives for healing and personal growth. With a strong emphasis on innovation and effective communication strategies, I am dedicated to utilizing digital platforms as a means to promote the universal language of music and advocate for its therapeutic potential.


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Featured Projects


The International Association for Music & Medicine is a registered non-profit organisation formed in 2009 to encourage and support the use of music in medical contexts including research into the benefits of music, and its specialised applications in healthcare.

Featured Projects

Choro do Neckar

Choro do Neckar is a collective of musicians from Heidelberg, Germany, that revives the great names of the Brazilian and universal musical genre of choro.

Featured Projects


“Bridges” aims to reach, support and encourage children, teenagers and young adults from 5-28 years with various musical offers.


2021-PresentTheodor Fliedner Haus
Music Therapist
Chair, Communications and Outreach
Executive Committee, Board of Directors
2020-PresentSamuel Gracida

I started this business to support and serve individuals and organizations, particularly those related to music therapy and music, thrive and have a successful digital presence through website development, marketing, social media management, graphic design, and more.


Khoti is a brand of Mexican handcrafted products created to support the work of a group of artisans in a community in Amealco, Mexico.

2018-2022Sam's Fans
Operating Director

In charge of marketing, social media, content creation, fundraising operations, and more.
Led $10,000 #GivingTuesday Campaign.
Played a major role in starting a monthly giving program.
Led our Year End efforts in 2019, raising over $30,000.
Led and organized our first virtual event in 2020: Ice Cream with Sam's Fans, fundraising $5000
Manage Google for Nonprofits Grant
Have led a plan that has resulted in over 300% increase in traffic to Sam's Fans' website

2018-2018Sam's Fans

Sam’s Fans is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization located in Columbus, Ohio dedicated to the promotion of Music and Art Therapy for children and their families facing life-threatening illnesses.

Sam’s Fans currently organizes multiple events per year in Central Ohio to raise funds and awareness about music and art therapy.

2020-2021Centro Mexicano de Musicoterapia
Leadership Team

I was part of the leadership of the Mexican Center for Music Therapy (Centro Mexicano de Musicoterapia - CMM). The mission of the CMM is to educate, conduct research and help develop music therapy in Mexico. The CMM also offers individual and group sessions to individuals of all ages.

2019-2019Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota

Intern for two months at the hospital with the music therapy team!

External Contributions


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